What is the Gots?

GOTS stands for the “Global Organic Textile Standard.” It is an international certification standard for textiles. GOTS ensures that textile products are produced using organic farming methods and meet strict environmental and social sustainability criteria. The GOTS certification verifies that the textile products are made from organic materials such as organic cotton, wool, linen, hemp, and other natural fibers and that the production processes adhere to stringent environmental and social standards.

The GOTS certification is based on several key categories:

  1. Organic Farming: GOTS-certified products must use fibers that are grown using organic farming methods, which involve limiting the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides while emphasizing the conservation of soil and water resources.
  2. Environmental and Toxicological Criteria: GOTS restricts the use of harmful chemicals in the processing and dyeing of textiles and sets limits on their environmental and toxicological impacts. This aims to reduce the use of harmful chemicals.
  3. Social Criteria: GOTS promotes respect for worker rights and the provision of fair working conditions throughout the production processes. It includes aspects such as occupational health and safety, fair wages, and the prohibition of child labor.

GOTS-certified products serve as a marker for organic and environmentally sustainable farming and production practices in the textile industry. The GOTS certification aims to increase the recognition of organic and sustainable products in the textile sector and build consumer trust in these products.